Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Faux Blog? What faux?

First of all I need to thank the real Atlanta Braves GM, Frank Wren, for not sending a cease and desist least not yet.  Seriously, I hear Frank's a good sport about it all and do appreciate it.  Just don't get fired, Frank...Faux Dayton Moore is not nearly as cool.

Sooooo, a fake identity on a twitter account and now a fake blog?  Can that even exist?  Bob Loblaw's Law Blog it ain't, but it's a blog nonetheless, and I'm already well passed 140 characters, so we know it at least works, right? 

The Law Blog of Bob Loblaw it ain't.

I love the Twitter but sometimes you need to spout off a little more than 140 characters will allow. Especially when you have Spring Training right around the corner.  With potential trades looming, Kawakami and Wagner still on the roster, and the occasional future Hall of Famer hanging around that needs nudging into retirement, who can possibly fit that into 140 characters or less?  If you answered David O'Brien, Mark Bowman, Carroll Rodgers, Bill Shanks, Gondeee, Capitol Avenue Club, Jeff Shultz, or Ken Rosenthal you'd technically be right...but it was sort of a hypothetical...but anyway.

We'll keep it fresh and entertaining and see how much fun we can have without actually playing the game.  And I'll be at a few Spring Training games in March checking out the Fredi Gonzales era first long as that cease and desist letter doesn't show up.

Go Braves!

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