Saturday, February 12, 2011

'Twitter Fakes' Fantasy Baseball League

Remember when 'The Real World' on MTV first came out and professed:

"This is the true story... of eight strangers... picked to live in a together and have their lives taped... to find out what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real."?

Well, we've taken that model and added our own uber-fantasy spin to it.  We've created a 'Twitter Fakes' Fantasy Baseball League.  So now the question becomes 'What if you took eight fake strangers from the Twitter universe and put them into a fantasy baseball league?"  Honestly, we operate in a fantasy land anyway, but it seemed like a really fun and potentially funny idea.  And luckily we were able to make it happen with some of Twitter's funniest baseball personalities.

Charles 'Old Hoss' Radbourn

What can you say about Charles 'Old Hoss' Radbourn that he hasn't already said about himself?  Herculean pitcher for the Providence Grays, master of debauchery, lover of name it and Old Hoss claims to have mastered it.  It will interesting to see how long he goes before petitioning (bludgeoning) the league to become a player/manager.

Fake Dayton Moore

Ahhh, my nemesis, KC Royals GM and former Atlanta Braves assistant GM.  Or was it assistant to the GM?  Regardless, he's also known as Jeff Francoeur's BFF, which will get you a long way at Parkview High School.  Fake Dayton continues his journey to fill his 25 man roster with all ex-Brave players, the question is, will he continue the trend in fantasy baseball?

Fan Since '09

If we happen to get banned from ESPN Fantasy Baseball, you can bet it is @fansince09's fault.  If you don't already know, 'Coal' Hammels is what is wrong with the Phillies...and baseball.  And if you can't find 'Coal' Hammels, its because he's probably at a Justin Bieber concert.

Fake Cito Gaston

When he is not pimping the Blue Jays bat boys, or sucking up to Alex Anthopoulos, Clarence 'Cito' Gaston likes to interject his 'You kids better get off my lawn' mentality to anyone that will listen.  Clearly the guy can still manage, but can he manage players not reliant on Canada's free health care?  We will see in fantasy league.

Fake Fred Wilpon

Mets owner and the one probably responsible for the cavernous OF at Citi Field, Fake Fred struggles daily with taking a haircut on the Ollie Perez contract.  Or was it the Jason Bay contract?  No wait, it was the Carlos Beltran contract.  Anyway, he's bound and determined to exonerate himself from the slings and arrows that come with either being a partner with Bernie Madoff, or being a victim of Bernie Madoff.  The verdict is still out.  At least in fantasy baseball, Fake Fred can't blame it on the money...unless he drafts Ollie Perez.

Dodgers GM

He's not Ned Colletti, but he tweets like him.  And trouble for him if he trades or drafts like him.  Dodgers GM will do his best to fill his roster with SF Giants, and as much as he tries, divorce is not an excuse for failure in fantasy baseball.

Very Fake Bleacher Report

Master speller and Bleacher Report aficionado, Very Fake Bleacher Report is the king of the slidshow. Or is it Slideshw? Regardless, if it can described in 29 pictures and less than 2 paragraphs, he can pull it off. Dyslexic or just cruel?  You make the call.  

Faux Frank Wren


Yours truly and the faux GM of the Atlanta Braves.  Often found operating in the shadows, especially the large one cast by John Schuerholz.  I have been known to rock a mean pastel v-neck sweater and enjoy berating Nate McLouth for spending too much time in Chuck-E-Cheese.  If I make a bad trade in fantasy league you can bet it was Paul Kinzer's fault.

 So, who is the best fake fantasy baseball personality out there?  Does it even matter?

"Can eight fake personalities operate within a fantasy baseball independently and have their moves scrutinized...find out what happens when 'people' stop being polite...and start being...real?"

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  1. I'm a big fan of many of you guys. Especially fake b/r and O. Hoss; but I was really hoping to find out that mustard sour old prick Larry F'in Bowa was in this.